Sally J Carpenter
Restless Soul
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Fifteen year old Jessica Emerson is excited about the family vacation. Whether she knew it or not, Jessica was about to embark on a journey that would change her life forever. Their destination, sunny California, triggered her wild imagination of how she'd feel walking down the same streets that stars have walked. They had been planning and saving for the last few years and Jessica had no doubts it was going to be wonderful! Suddenly mid-way in their travels a strange and unusual occurence happened taking the entire family on an out of the ordinary and difficult path.

If only the Emerson's had taken a different route to California, Jessica, might have escaped the terror she encountered. For Jessica this vacation quickly turned from enjoyment to mayhem and she had no way of knowing when they entered the small town of Goldenville, Colorado how much her life would change. Only through meeting Melody, and Mrs. Kessler, would she begin to calm her Restless Soul and open her mind to another realm. Would she be able to battle her inner demons and still survive?

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